Easy Milk Peda Recipe

Milk peda Recipe

This is an easy milk Peda recipe .Milk peda is one of the quick, easy and the tasty recipe that exists on the planet. This recipe is loved by parents and kids equally.

Milk Peda Ingredients

Milk powder – 1cup

Condensed Milk-200 gm

Butter -50 gm

Cardamom -1 pinch (optional)



Add butter and melt it on a low flame.



Add condensed milk and milk powder to the butter and stir well so that no lumps should form in the mix.


Add a pinch of cardamom and mix.


When the mixture thickens and starts leaving the sides of the pan. Remove it from the fire.


Let it cool and make your desired shape and add cashew nut or pistachio on the top.

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