Pancake Recipe -Banana Flavor

Pancake Recipe -Banana Flavor

Banana Pancake


Pancake is a breakfast dish in Europe and America. This dish is very sweet and tasty and can be made with only 3 ingredients. In this blog, we will be writing about the banana flavor pancake recipe.

German Gingerbread recipe


Banana -1
Egg -2
Cinnamon Powder- 1/4 Tsp


Crush the banana into a paste then add eggs and cinnamon powder into the bowl and mix them well

Banana Pancake


Pour the mix into the hot pan

Candy Cane Cake Roll


Take it from the pan and place it in a plate. Add honey top of the pancake for sweetness.


Your delicious banana pancake is ready to serve.
                                                         Banana Pancake

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