6 Ingredients Simple Waffle Recipe

6 Ingredients Simple Waffle Recipe

                                         Simple Waffle Recipe

Waffles is a simple dessert that can be made easily and served at breakfast or as a simple dish. Kids love waffles as it is tasty and mothers also love it as it is easy to make. So lets today’s blog be the easy 6 ingredients waffle recipe.


Mashed Banana-1
Wheat Flour-1cup
Cinnamon-2 Tsp
Salt-As needed
Almond Butter-2  Tbsp


Add the all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.


Spray cooking spray in the waffle maker.


Pour in the mixture in the waffle mixture and cook for about 6 minutes.

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Move the cooked waffle into a plate and add some banana, walnut and maple syrup as toppings for increasing the flavor of the waffle.


Your simple banana waffle is ready to serve.